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What is a Transfer on Death Deed?

Estate planning comes in all shapes and sizes. It includes updating beneficiary designations on financial accounts and insurance policies, adding ...
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Am I Eligible for an Annulment?

Annulments are available in very limited situations in Virginia. Marriage is a contract between two people, and it comes with ...
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Now That I Have Custody, Can I Move?

Once the dust has settled after a custody trial or divorce, one of the first questions I am frequently asked ...
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The Top 5 Myths of Estate Planning

1. I’m young, so I don’t need a Will.   Even if you don’t have a large estate, you may disagree ...
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Do I need a Separation Agreement in Virginia?

Virginia only has one requirement to initiate a legal separation: start sleeping separately from your spouse. Time spent living under ...
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Can I Get Custody of My Grandchild?

In some cases a grandparent may want to petition for full custody of their grandchild where the child’s parent suffers ...
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I don’t have an “estate,” why do I need a plan?

The term “estate planning” can be a bit of a misnomer. The term “estate” can summon images of a stately ...
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The Top 5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Life Insurance Beneficiaries

So you’ve made the responsible decision and purchased a life insurance policy to ensure your dependents will be cared for ...
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Child Custody in Virginia… Can I Relocate Out of State?

Let’s start with a real-life scenario: John and Susan share physical custody of their daughter, Mary.  They live about 10 ...
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