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Assisting Families with Divorce, Child Custody & So Much More

Family matters can be stressful, putting the mental health and well-being of your family at stake. You need a skilled, compassionate, and experienced Reston, Virginia family law attorney to assist you. 

At Melone Hatley, P.C. we understand just how overwhelming and emotional family law issues like divorce can be. There are financial concerns, you may have children involved, and you want to keep their welfare as your primary focus. Choose the right family law attorney for you and it can make all the difference.

We attribute our success as a family law firm in Reston, Virginia to the talent and decades of experience of our team of lawyers and to our philosophy of providing our clients with the best legal representation possible. No two family law cases are alike so we go into every case ready to provide our clients with a solution based on their needs and create an effective plan to achieve their objectives.

Northern Virginia Trusts & Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning allows families to properly prepare for the disposition of a person’s assets after death and ensure the person’s best interests are represented. Through this process, the person’s assets are preserved and used only to benefit the person’s loved ones. Estate planning with Melone Hatley, P.C. reduces uncertainties and allows you and your family to rest assured that your best interests are protected throughout your lifetime and beyond.


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