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Divorce Attorney in Henrico County

Are you living in the greater Richmond area, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Hanover, Mechanicsville, or Henrico County, Virginia, and you are tired of the consistent arguing and disagreements between you and your spouse? It might be time to consider a divorce. The divorce process, however, can be quite lengthy and difficult to understand, especially when it is contested.

When you get to the point where you cannot face being married anymore, even if you still love your spouse, a family law attorney at the law firm of Melone Hatley, P.C. may be able to help you through this difficult time of your life. Consistently rated and recognized as a Super Lawyers firm, we can provide legal advice and legal services to protect your interests and help your separation and divorce be as fair as possible.

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Henrico Divorce Lawyers

The law firm of Melone Hatley, P.C. represents clients in Henrico, the greater Richmond area, and all across Virginia with practice areas in all aspects of family law matters. Our practice areas include issues of child support and custody, divorce, military divorce, alimony and spousal support, prenuptial agreements, estate planning (including issues associated with estate planning for second marriages), guardianship, trusts, wills, pet trusts, powers of attorney, property division, and all legal issues associated with a family law case.

We do not provide criminal defense, criminal law, DUI, or personal injury services. Our law office is strictly focused on legal matters of family law, and we boast many years of experience among our legal team. As a small firm, we take pride in our empathetic approach to divorce. We understand that having children, assets, or dealing with instances like infidelity can make divorce a terrible process. Our attorneys will get to know you first, understand your ultimate goals, and create a solution catered specifically to you. We are a firm that cares deeply.

If you are looking for VA divorce lawyers with knowledge, tenacity, and a deep determination to aggressively fight for our clients, we are ready to listen. Call us at 800.479.8124 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting with our client services coordinator team today.

Will I Get Alimony in a Divorce in Henrico, Virginia?

Typically, alimony is granted in Virginia if one of the spouses earns significantly more money than the other and the other does not have the earning capacity to maintain their prior standard of living. This is the intent behind spousal support: to allow the unemployed or lower-earning spouse to continue living in the manner to which they are accustomed.

Alimony may be temporary or permanent. Temporary alimony is either for a specific period of time or can be modified by the courts. Permanent alimony is much more difficult to amend and requires a significant change in circumstances in the status of one or both former spouses.

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Spouse Getting Custody of Child

How Will Divorce Impact Child Custody?

The courts decide custody during a Richmond area divorce in Henrico County based solely on the best interests of the child; Virginia Code Sec. 20-124.3. While each custody case is unique, the court will consider many different factors including:

  • The child’s age, mental condition, and developmental needs
  • The mental condition and age of the parents
  • The earning capability of each parent (who can provide material support the best)
  • The parents’ relationships with the child
  • The capability of each parent to collaboratively raise their child with the other parent
  • Any history of family or sexual abuse or violence
  • The opinion of the child, if the child is over the age of 14

There are, in addition, two different types of custody: legal custody and physical custody. Each type of custody may be awarded to one parent or shared between the two. The same parent need not be awarded both; one parent can have legal custody while the other has physical, though this is uncommon.

Legal Custody

Legal custody determines which parent controls those decisions relating to the child’s health, schooling, religion, and well-being. These are the decisions parents must make to maintain their child’s physical, mental, and emotional upbringing and health. Depending on the interests of the child, sometimes one parent has legal custody, while if possible, the courts often allow parents to share these decisions.

Physical Custody

Physical custody refers to where the child lives. The parent who has physical custody is responsible for the child’s daily care, ensuring that they go to school, have their nutritional needs met, have clothing, and have recreational and social opportunities. Sole custody means one parent has the child full time, while the other may have visitation rights. Joint custody means the child splits their time between households.

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Why Is Hiring Henrico Divorce Lawyers Beneficial?

Richmond area divorce attorneys can help you fight to protect your rights in divorce. A good attorney can represent your interests and make sure you do not come out on the losing end. A qualified divorce lawyer offers:

  • Experience in many different divorce situations
  • Objective advice guided by legal knowledge
  • Guidance so that you avoid common and costly mistakes
  • Suggestions for solutions that you may not have considered
  • The ability to act as your voice in difficult and contentious situations
  • Help collecting evidence and building a case that ensures that no detail is overlooked
  • Assistance to help the judge render a fair decision in all things

Are You Ready to Be Independent Again?

If you are facing a divorce in Henrico County, a divorce attorney can be your best bet to get what you deserve, protect your rights, and finalize your separation properly, but going with any law firm will not be enough. At Melone Hatley, P.C., our attorneys are classified as Super Lawyers for our excellence and our aggressive pursuit of what is best for our clients. We create custom solutions that work for you. We care deeply about every client who comes through our door, and we are ready to listen to you. Call us at (804) 893-5067 or fill out our easy form online to schedule a meeting with us today.

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