What to Expect in a Protective Order Case

Being the victim of domestic violence is overwhelming and difficult enough. Not knowing where to turn or what steps to take first, while dealing with family issues, can feel impossible. Below, attorney Charles Hatley discusses what steps to take and what to expect during your protective order case. In...

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Proving Adultery in Your Divorce Case

  It’s more than a feeling … your spouse stays out late, “at work,” when they’re at home they’re distracted and on their devices … they have a “friend” who is just a little too close. You know something is wrong, but could you prove it in court? Virginia makes getting a divorce based on adultery...

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How Do I Separate from my spouse in Virginia?

So you’ve made the difficult decision – the relationship is not working, and you and your spouse need to part ways. What’s first – do you file for divorce? How do you get separated? For clients already facing a difficult time, figuring out the legal system and it’s requirements can be overwhelming. Starting...

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