Traffic Ticket Defense

Nearly everyone has been pulled over at least once for a traffic violation. Depending on the traffic offense and the person’s driving record, the traffic stop can result in a warning, a ticket and fine, or potentially a misdemeanor conviction.

Reckless driving is considered a class 1 misdemeanor and a conviction can result in substantial fines, loss of driving privileges, and jail time.

Even speeding tickets and other moving violations carry hefty penalties. In addition to fines and court costs, the DMV will assess points to your driving record which can result in higher insurance rates. Hiring an attorney to defend your rights and protect your driving privileges can save you money and hassle in the long run.


Several types of conduct can be classified as reckless driving in Virginia. Reckless driving is a Class 1 misdemeanor and can result from any of the following acts:
  • Driving a vehicle in a manner that endangers life, limb, and property of others
  • Driving a vehicle with inadequate or improper brakes
  • Passing another vehicle at the crest of a grade or on a curve
  • Driving a vehicle while one’s view is obstructed or one’s control over the vehicle is impaired
  • Passing two vehicles abreast, unless on a road with three or more lanes in each direction
  • Driving abreast with another vehicle while in the same lane
  • Passing a vehicle at a railroad crossing
  • Passing a school bus that is stopped
  • Failure to provide proper signals for turning, slowing down, or stopping
  • Driving at an unreasonable speed
  • Driving 20 mph over the speed limit, or driving over 80 mph or more
  • Failure to yield right-of-way to another vehicle
  • Driving dangerously in a parking lot or in an area under construction
  • Drag racing

Virginia Code 46.2-852 through 46.2-865

Reckless driving is a criminal offense in Virginia and as such carries more serious penalties than most other traffic violations. A conviction can result in fines up to $2,500 and up to 12 months in jail.

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