Lawsuit: Boeing Endangered Passengers and Attendants with Toxic Cabin Air

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Four flight attendants from Alaska Airlines filed suit claiming they were exposed to toxic air in airline cabins. The suit further claims that Boeing was aware of the danger and knowingly put passengers and crew members at risk of exposure.

The claim arose from a 2013 flight from Boston to San Diego that was forced to make an emergency landing in Chicago after three of the attendants on board lost consciousness and required hospitalization. All four attendants on board claim they are still suffering health effects as a result of the exposure.

They allege that Boeing has attempted to conceal several occurrences where toxic chemicals from the jet engine oil mixes with air from the plane’s cabin, causing a “fume event.”

Read the complaint.

Boeing denies the allegations and claims their cabin air is safe based on years of air quality research showing that health and safety standards are always met.

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