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How to avoid or reduce probate in Virginia

Is it Possible to Avoid Probate in Virginia? The short answer is no.  It is almost impossible to completely avoid ...
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We’re Separating… Do I Need a Parenting Plan in Virginia?

A parenting plan is a written agreement between parents who are divorcing, or maybe have never been married but no ...
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The Importance of Estate Planning for the Single Parent

Being a single parent has added responsibilities, including making sure that your minor children are taken care of in the ...
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Working Through the Unique Issues of a Grey Divorce

Even though the U.S. divorce rate has pretty much leveled off and even decreased over the past two to three ...
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DIY Estate Planning…Beware of Unintended Results

It sounds easy and promises “legal” results.  It’s less expensive than working with an attorney.  But estate planning is a ...
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Can I Get an Annulment in Virginia?

The simple answer is yes, but in very limited situations.  In the Commonwealth of Virginia, marriage is considered a contract ...
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I’m Deploying! How are My Custodial and Visitation Rights Affected?

The Commonwealth of Virginia has the second largest military population in the United States.  In 2008, the legislature enacted the ...
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Estate Planning Before Military Deployment

An estate plan has several objectives.  It should provide for your family’s financial security, ensure that your property is passed ...
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Can I Contest a Will in Virginia?

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, only interested parties can contest a will.  An interested party is an individual that has ...
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