10 Critical Mistakes to Avoid Before Filing For Divorce

Learn how to keep your divorce from spiraling out of control!

During our time together, we’ll share ten of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid while you prepare for divorce. We’ll cover financial mistakes, legal mistakes, parenting mistakes, and much more.

Most importantly, we’ll teach you what to do instead—so that you can get through divorce with as little pain as possible.

If you’re considering a divorce, this Facebook class is meant for you.

We’ll teach you how to protect yourself, your finances, and your loved ones—so that you can move forward with confidence.

Don’t miss out. Join us for 10 Critical Mistakes to Avoid Before Filing for Divorce on Thursday, June 17th at 12:00 am EDT.

Space is limited—register today to claim your spot!

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Don’t Make Divorce Harder Than it Has to Be

Join family law attorney Charles Hatley and learn how to keep your divorce from spiraling out of control.

Throughout this class, we will be discussing:

– How to avoid disaster with your joint bank accounts
– Why you need to create a simple financial plan for your divorce – and how to begin
– How to protect your kids throughout the divorce process
– Why it’s a big mistake to “unofficially” separate from your spouse
– And much more!

Your divorce doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In this Facebook class, we will show you how to avoid the most common financial mistakes, legal mistakes, and parenting mistakes that we see every day.

You’ll learn how to get through your divorce with as little pain as possible for everyone involved.

If you want to get divorced with less drama, don’t miss this!

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